How it Works

How Does it Work?

We orchestrate and facilitate your entire renovation.  As your renovation liaison, nycRenovationCoach  is with you every step of the way: guiding you through the process,  working with you to establish realistic plans and budgets, and  overseeing the contractor in order to get you the best possible job, at  the best price....and hassle-free. 

We implement a five step  process that allows you to leverage our experience and eliminates the  guesswork, vulnerability, and stress so often associated with apartment  renovations.  We strategically position ourselves in the middle,  facilitating communication between you, the architect, and the  contractor and provide you with a single point of accountability. We  believe that a well-conceived, well-implemented strategy is required to  make your renovation a success.  Small problems in the beginning only  tend to get larger as the project continues.  

Step 1. Needs Assesment.

For most  people, renovating is  a brand new experience so we begin  by demystifying the process.  We explain the sequence of events, what  you can expect, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls. Next,  we work with you to create a renovation project profile.  This is a  comprehensive lifestyle-based needs assessment that identifies your  needs and wants and translates them into an initial space  plan. This will serve as the road map for the entire process.  

Step 2. Planning/Budgeting.

Next, we  update the initial space plan based upon design feasibility,  constructibility, and budget inputs.  We explore various design ideas  and material selections while refining the budget and schedule.  In  addition, we continue to identify potential issues and formulate  solutions before the problems occur.  We also help you navigate the sea  of paperwork including coop/condo board alteration agreements,  contractor insurance requirements, and various contracts.  

Step 3. Team Assembly/Bidding.

It is  equally important to assemble the right team of professionals to execute  your plan.  We can provide recommendations of architects and  contractors suitable for your project, or we can work with your  pre-chosen professionals. We facilitate communication between you and  the architect making sure that the plans reflect your needs, design  sensibility and budget.  We communicate with the contractors making sure  that they understand the scope of the work and have carefully reviewed  the plans/documents. We analyze the bids and once a contractor has been  selected, we negotiate hard with him on your behalf to get you the  best job for the best price. 

Step 4. Construction Management.

We are on  site every day to give you the confidence and comfort that someone is  protecting your interests.  Our presence helps the contractor stay "on  track" by providing quality insurance inspections and troubleshooting  potential issues before they occur.  This step is crucial to mitigate  time delays and "cost extras."   

Step 5. Project Closeout.

We  review the entire job and walk through it with you to make sure that the  punch list is complete, that you are 100% satisfied, and that all  necessary paperwork has been filed before the contractor receives his  final payment.