What our Clients Say

"Asher  helped me renovate last summer, and I could not have been more pleased  with the result.  This was the first renovation that I have done, and  Asher was a tremendous help in steering me through the project.  He  helped me decide on a realistic budget, and we came in on budget almost  to the dollar.  His advice on materials was excellent, and he helped me  decide how to balance where it made sense to spend more money vs where I  could save costs.  He handled the bidding process for the contractors,  and all the instructions to them, so that the actual work went very  smoothly and there was not a lot that I had to do or worry about once  the work began.  The projected ended on schedule, and looks terrific.   And it looks like I spent a lot more money on it than it actually cost.   I would highly recommend Asher."  

-Ivor C. NYC, NY

Asher  Lipman supervised the renovation of our apartment, which included  essentially gutting it, redesigning the flow and space of the apartment,  and rebuilding the kitchen and baths. 

Asher contributed to the design process in addition to supervising the work and often had very good suggestions. His  kitchen design is very attractive and has proven to be very workable  plus it was realized for far less than we expected to pay. He  frequently pointed out less expensive ways to achieve the results we  were seeking, and seemed to genuinely have our satisfaction as his  highest goal. After giving his  suggestions he was very gracious on the few occasions we did not follow  them. He was pro-active in keeping us informed of progress on the  apartment and it was very reassuring to always know what was going on. 

Since our primary home is not in the U.S.  we were not able to visit during the work, in fact we left the  apartment before any work began and returned to a completely finished  space less than four months later. We  very much appreciated Asher’s ability to deliver the project quickly,  and to complete it on time, and with no one looking over his shoulder. 

We highly recommend nycRenovationCoach; we will use them again if we ever buy another apartment. 

-Neil and Nancy J.    Paris, France and NYC

We  had a huge project facing us:  combining 2 large apartments in  different states of disrepair in the hopes of creating an even larger  but seamless living space.  We were pretty sure that we didn’t want to  work with an architect on a percentage-of-the-total-project fee.  It  just didn’t make sense to us that we should have to pay an architect  more or less depending upon what types of materials and finishes we  chose for our home.  Asher’s proposal eliminated those worries for us.   We had an architect do our plans and drawings and then step out of the  process.  Asher took over our renovation from there on and it could not  have progressed more smoothly.  There were very few surprises and Asher  kept us well informed all through the renovation.  We have now been  living with our 3 children in our dream apartment for almost 2 years! 

-Joanne M. Upper West Side 

Robert  and I had been looking with our broker for months for the perfect place  to call home but everything was either out of our price range or needed  work. We were hesitant about having to undertake a renovation as we are  both busy professionals. We finally found a space that we thought we  fell in love with but, of course, it needed to be gutted. When we heard  about Asher and nycRenovationCoach, we asked him if he could come with  us to see the apartment before we made a final decision. Asher patiently  walked us through all the possibilities in the space and even came up  with a few ideas that we hadn't thought of. He had some great ideas on  how to utilize and maximize the space.  We never worried once about what  was going on in the apartment during the day because we were confident  that Asher and nycRenovationCoach had the situation well under  control. We are finally in our dream home and we couldn't be happier. 

-Lucy B. -Upper West Side, NYC

I had just moved to NYC from Chicago. I had purchased a great Coop on the  Upper West Side but it needed renovation. Between my hectic demands of  my job and my complete inexperience with household renovations I didn't  know what to do. Luckily I found the NYC Renovation Coach. What a god  send!!!  They  were complete experts in managing the renovation process. From the  start they helped plan out the renovations, provided accurate timelines  and cost estimates and managed all the contractors and workers needed to  complete the job. They handled everything day and day out making key  decisions, but involving me when needed on major decisions.

I  could never have completed these renovations without the Renovation  Coach. If you are thinking of renovating, I strongly recommend giving  them a call. You will be glad you did. I certainly was!!!!
-Lisa D. West Side, NYC

Because  of the hours and travel demands of my job, I did not have the time  or energy to deal with the day-to-day headaches of supervising the  renovation of my kitchen.  I also did not have time or patience for lots  of comparison shopping and selection of finishes, appliances and  materials.  I  had seen the quality of Asher Lipman's work in another property and so  admired the kitchen that I asked him to build me the same one.  "This is  the kitchen I want for my place", I said. Asher  worked with me to formulate a project design, plan and budget in less  than 48 hours, and we kicked off the project within the week.  Needless  to say, he ensured that the work was on time and and within budget.  He  worked independently and made efficient use of my time whenever we  needed to confer on a decision point or an approach.  There were no  surprises and he walked me through what to expect at every step of the  way.  He had a very good sense of how much involvement I wanted to have  in the project (relatively little, in my case) and worked  collaboratively at every step of the way.  The  project exceeded all expectations and has more than paid for itself in  terms of the value it has added to my Upper West Side apartment.  Asher's knowledge of his field and skill in managing people and  projects resulted in a renovation that was 100% stress free for me.   

-Christopher M.

After  living in my apartment for 8 years, my fiance was moving in and we  needed to do some major renovations. We spoke to a number of architects  and designers but still remained hesitant and frightened about starting  such a big project when we were planning a wedding.  We had never done a renovation before and did not have the time to oversee it.  After  hearing about Asher, and nycRenovationCoach, we decided to have him help us.  We were reassured by Asher's demeanor and professionalism.  Asher  explained the process to us, handled everything, and was able  to negotiate with the contractors down to a price point where we felt  comfortable and could still afford a wedding.  He made us feel at ease every step of the way.  Asher made sure the job was completed on time  and on our budget!  We are both thrilled with the results.  My wife jokes that Asher was like a wedding planner for our renovation.  

-John R. NYC, NY

My  husband and I were about to have a baby and were looking to move.  When  we could not find anything in our price range, we decided to stay put  and renovate. We asked our friends for recommendations on contractors  and architects but none of them had an experience worthy of a referral. I am glad to say that our experience was different. Asher and  the team at nycrenovationcoach were different. Asher has a great eye for space planning and he showed us how we could keep our dining room and also have a separate room for the baby. Thanks Asher.  The new space looks terrific and he made it all seem so easy and stress free. The job  turned out as he said it would. There were not a lot of surprises except that our baby came 2 weeks early. Fortunately, our renovation was done.  I would highly recommend Asher and would not think of doing any renovation without him.    

-Sarah G. NYC, NY